EPWP rolls into action once more!

EPWP rolls into action once more

Since 2017 we have been an implementing partner of government’s Expanded Public Works Programme in various provinces.

We are pleased to announce that once more we have been awarded contracts in the following provinces ;

1. Gauteng

2. Free State

3. Limpopo

4. Eastern Cape

The programme has enrolled over 2000 participants in this cycle so far. The participants will receive a minimum wage as stipulated by the government as they work in the community in projects that enhance social delivery and service. In the previous cycle, we piloted a Biometrics Attendance Time Sheet in the Free State where a select group of participants were using their facial recognition features to register into the programme as well as using mobile devices to clock in daily.


If it’s your first time hearing about the programme, here is what the EPWP programme is all about.


As an organisation, we have previously incorporated some innovative projects into the programme outside of the usual typical work undertaken by participants. For example some of our participants in the Free State and in Mpumalanga have worked on the Old Age Home and the Drug Rehabilitation Center respectively. We pioneered a recycling projrect in the Free State where a buyback centre was established in the community. In this new cycle of the programme , we anticipate more innovative projects will be implemented through a collaborative effort via this programme.

Agricultural Training

In preparation of the work ahead participants in Olievenhoutbosch received agricultural training recently. The trainings are aimed at ensuring participants are able to deliver their work targets efficiently when deployed in their various work spaces.

More trainings are expected to be rolled out in all the provinces soon.