IT Department


The IT Department in SAYM is a hub for all things technology in-house! Our major functions are ;

  • Governance – the department is tasked with overseeing the implementation of operational parameters for all departments and individuals' use of IT systems, architecture, and networks. In other words , we set the rules about how the organization’s technology is used and what it is used for. Our thrust is to ensure technology is used seamlessly as an enabler for the organisation to meet its objectives and deliver to external clients in the most-efficient way possible.
  • Infrastructure like any computer system, it is the duty of the department to determine the best infrastructure according to the business needs of the organization in secured. Ultimately , we provide technical support aimed at servicing our infrastructure  so that we are able to deliver a secure & reliant service to the organisation.
  • Functionality – our job is to identify the operational applications that are most suited for the organisation not just in its day-to-day operations but also in the programmes that it implements. We ensure the security and integrity of not just the electronic data that belongs to the organization but the systems used as well. We also conduct trainings for new systems, software & maintenance & troubleshooting.
  • Web development – responsible for the development & maintenance of the website in liason with other departments too!