Public Employment Programmes

Community Works Programme

The CWP is an innovative public employment program from the government of South Africa providing a job safety net for unemployed people of working age. It provides a bridging opportunity for unemployed youth and others who are actively looking for employment opportunities. Through the Ministry of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs government appointed SAYM to be an implementing agent of the programme in Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Previously the organization had been appointed for the same project in Mpumalanga from 2012-2014.



With participation recruitment of nearly 100 000 the organization has managed to keep public infrastructure well maintained and offered social services to befitting members of society in various communities.

As quantified under useful work within the programme SAYM has successfully overseen the construction of 22 solar-powered chicken houses with ablution facilities and storage in 22 sites in the Eastern Cape. The sites include Camdeboo, Port-Alfred, Port-Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Bay), and Sunday River (Gleconor).
Seven ablution structures were also constructed in Koukamna, Eastern Cape to the benefit of the local community.

In KwaZulu-Natal, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma site, three tunnels have been constructed for agrarian purposes. The tunnels are used to incubate plant seedlings like fruit trees & vegetables which the local cooperatives nurture. A certain percentage of the seedlings go to the local community to enhance food security.


The EPWP is a public employment initiative of the South African government through the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure which contributes to Government Policy Priorities in terms of decent work & sustainable livelihoods, education, health; rural development; food security & land reform, and the fight against crime & corruption.

SAYM has been an implementing partner appointed by the IDT of the program since 2017 overseeing projects in 6 provinces. A cumulative 5350 participants have been recruited into the program with nearly 60% of them being young people. Some of the notable community initiatives undertaken under this programme include recycling, early childhood development centers, community gardens, and public institution maintenance.

Under SAYM management,the EPWP has been able to reduce the unemployment statistics in local communities by offering alternative forms of employment.

Participants also have an income safety net by being part of the programme. Young people and women are also being provided with training opportunities to equip them with diverse marketable skills.

Climate Change

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Landscape Architecture

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Wind and Solar

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