Stakeholders & Partnerships Unit

Stakeholders & Partnerships Unit

It’s a unit within SAYM looking at management of stakeholders and partnerships as well as projects in the main at SAYM special Projects. Special project could be projects within existing projects that SAYM is implementing like CWP and EPWP.​​

Purpose is to ensure that all identified special projects are amplified and implemented in scale. Professionalised through proper resourcing including provision of experts as well as tools and materials of trade.

SAYM work has synergy within sites where there is more than one programme implemented, for instance EPWP projects within CWP should share resources and personnel as well have collaborative sharing of inputs. W&R Seta graduates are able to add value to both CWP, Agrarian and EPWP initiatives.

Promotion of impactful useful work that create value and can be exited from both CWP and EPWP.

Boikutso Joe Masipa

Stakeholders & Partnerships Manager