W & R SETA Community Outreach Programme

Wholesale & Retail SETA community outreach programme

September 2022

The Southern African Youth Movement (SAYM) identified a huge awareness gap depriving young people in various communities to appreciate and participate in the opportunities for training and
participation in mainstream economic activities available in the Wholesale and Retail sector value chain. On the other end of the spectrum,the W&R SETA is supporting a number of learnership programmes which are equipping youth with the requisite knowledge and skills that enable them to meaningfully participate in the socioeconomic development of their communities

Having partnered with the W&R SETA to implement a cooperative development learnership in four provinces in South Africa, SAYM realised the importance of a program of action that connects the
W&R SETA with communities of beneficiaries of their learnership programmes. Therefore, SAYM in partnership with the W&RSETA implemented a Community Awareness Outreach in one district in each of the following provinces namely:

– Mpumalanga (Ehlanzeni District)
– Free State (Mangaung District)
– Eastern Cape (OR Tambo District)
– Limpopo province (Capricorn District).


The project enabled W&R SETA, its implementing partners, the District Municipality and strategic Wholesale and Retail sector players to convene in one place to share and showcase the opportunities
available for young people. The key players in the industry were allocated exhibition stands to showcase their products and services and how they integrate youth development in their
organisational plans. The exhibition activities were a side event that acted as a knowledge fair for programme beneficiaries, local cooperatives and sector stakeholders.

Objectives and Purpose of the Awareness

The purpose of the awareness programme seeks to bring the Wholesale and Retail SETA closer to achieving its strategic drive and achievement but also to meet its set goals and targets, of being
community centred and based. The programme seeks to bring an introduction element to the general public who are the key stakeholder partners for the SETA as the National Development Skills Plan 2030 (NDSP) puts forth.

The Community Awareness Outreach program allows the W&RSETA to understand what people want and also what is required of them to bring direct programmes that will skill and upskill the vulnerable sector so to be able to create employment for themselves and others.

Province District Total Attendance Total Registered Cooperatives
Eastern Cape
OR Tambo
Free State


Eastern Cape


Free State